The future of nugget functionality

I’ve spent some of today updating my “jQuery plugin”, doWhen, with the added help of a splendid chap and coworker, name of Erin Swenson-Healy. He adapted it to be more AMD friendly, and I expounded upon that. Basically, now, using requirejs, we can simply say in a given file:


Which means for our purposes, it’s not really a jQuery plugin. And, realistically, it’s not. It’s just a tiny nugget of functionality we want to pull in. All it uses from jQuery is a flat extend, and that is easily replaceable (as it already is in the “plain” version).

However, not everybody will consume doWhen through AMD or a similar method. And not everybody who doesn’t necessarily uses jQuery. But I need *somewhere* to attach it to, if AMD or equivalent is not defined.

So, I’m thinking of ditching the jQuery requirement entirely. The “plain” version would be the only one. If AMD or something like it is present, it would define according to that pattern. If jQuery, underscore, or another common library is present, it would attach to one or more of those for more traditional use, defaulting perhaps to the global object if none are present?

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